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Propane fume detector

Having read all the dangers of propane but being unable to use
anything else in my basement I wondered if there were any devices that
could detect build up of fumes before an explosion. It turns out that
for the marine world this is a big issue. The URL shows a detector:

Of course I’m not sure how well it would work in a basement
environment. Cost is not too bad, $100-200. Worth it if it works.
There seem to be a lot out there for indusrrial use that detect
anything flammable (including Acetylene). Has anyone any experience of
these ?


They are also used for the RV industry. I have one at the bottom of
the cabinet that holds my stove/oven. I’ve not checked to see if they
can be purchased separately, but everything else can so, why not?

Do you like birds? The tried and true for mine gas accumulations is
having a canary with you at the workface. They are very much more
sensitive to air quality deterioration; when the canary keels over
it’s time to vacate the mine. I expect they are dependable air
quality monitors in any enclosed work space.

Jim Small
Small Wonders

Andrew: I use to sell gas detection equipment for the petro-chemical
industry and those units are expensive. However, you can find
reasonably priced units by contacting suppliers of Fire Protection
Equipment and Safety Equipment found in your yellow pages or on the
Internet. Gases are detected by their specific gravity and you just
need to tell them you are needing to detect propane. They will tell
you where to place the unit for best results. Dottie Wood