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Propane allergy


I have recently upgraded to a torch with oxygen/propane tanks, and in
the process of setting up, upon exposure to a propane leak had a
significant reaction to the smell of the propane, headache, nausea,
dizziness. This took a day to subside, and I have left the equipment
now for about a month. Yesterday I had a very very slight whiff of
propane from a small tank, and had as severe a reaction again. Has
anyone out there experienced this? any idea of what might be
happening here. I am worried about the outlay for equipment, oxygen
tank/regulators/flashback/little torch/ and the not being able to
use it, or continue working with the silversmithing I do as a hobby.


Hi Rosemary,

Yes that’s quite normal, unburnt propane is a dangerous gas, and
care should be taken when using it.

The smell is added to tell you that there’s a leak, the smell is not
what made you fell sick.

The other week my teacher was demonstrating how a propane bottle
sounded when the gas was released. I was outside at the time, and
standing in the wrong spot, because I got a whiff of gas.

Dizzy, almost passed out, headache and nausea after.

Just take care with your gasses, work in a well ventillated area,
and make sure your hose connections are sound.

Regards Charles from Oz


Yeah, propane has no smell (scent) and has an additive in it to make
it stink bad! Try not to sniff it & if you do, oxygen is handy!