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Prop Wax [Was: Photographing jewelery]

   The best way to hold jewelry in place is a miracle called
"prop wax."  Used by pro photographers and available from your
better photo supply houses.  About $8.00 for more than you'll
ever need. Very sticky.  Works on glass, if you're shooting on
glass.  Felt removes it well.  Works on paper, but will stain
the paper. 

Hi Elaine, I was most interested in this “prop wax” and its
something I have been looking for as a substitute for “Blue Tac”.
Is there any more info for my search for the product in
Australia. Thanks and regards Darryl Castner

Sure, another post called it tackiwax. I got mine at our local
quality camera store, Helix. If you can’t find it locally, Helix
might mail it.

310 S. Racine
Chicago, IL  60607.

It’s white wax and very very sticky, not like your regular