Prong setting 1-1.5mm stones?


I am attempting to set some tiny stones in SS 4 prong settings and am having a hard time. I bought the settings because the idea of trying to make them by hand seemed even more daunting. That’ll be something to try another day.

For my 1-1.5mm stones, I know bezel setting them would be easier but I really prefer the look and think it’s a valuable skill to learn.

Does anyone have any advice or resources?

Especially anything on filing the prongs down.

Thank you for your time!

for setting:
use at least .1mm smaller tool than the diameter of the stone drill first then spin up the burr and push straight down , try stone and adjust by wiggling the burr a LITTLE

For Finishing: try a cup burr instead of filing… [small cup burr] (LYNX Cup Burs - RioGrande)

lubricate the tool and spin at moderate speed,… lubricate often, silver is very stick and cloggy

(not like the dance cloggers) :slight_smile:

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it looks like cup burs start at a minimum of around .80mm and go up in size…

it looks like beading tools start at a minimum of around .25mm and go up in size…

perhaps a beading tool set will work to push down/ form/ shape the “prong”, which at that small of a 1.0-1.5mm stone size would be like a “bead”…?

here is a quick video on setting small stones:
(beading tool is used toward the end)

cutdown/ fishtail setting

bright cut shared prong

and, here is a great video by Blaine Lewis discussing stone setting


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Thank you for your replies! The smallest cup burr I owned was 1.5mm, so I ordered a 0.8mm. Hopefully that’ll work but I’ll try the small beading tools next if not.

Any ideas on how to secure the setting while I’m working on it? Thermo lock and hot glue didn’t really work when I tried. It easily came free without much pressure.

I’m a big fan of the GRS inside ring holder for this type of thing. They’re annoyingly expensive (like most GRS stuff), but super useful!
I know I’ve seen them a lot cheaper on AliExpress, but then you have to wait for it to come from China, so if you’re in a hurry, that might not work.


regarding holding the setting, what type of setting is it/are they?

for 1.0-1.5mm stones, i am envisioning perhaps a V ring?…or bar necklace?…or bar earrings…?…s halo ring or pendant?

the type of setting will help inform the best holding options…



i forgot to mention, regarding thermoplastic holding products, you might like Jett BASIC…it is kinda “stickier” when soft…you just have to push it down, outta the pilot holes with a toothpick when ir cools a bit.

after, it you have bits and pieces stuck on, they will usually pull off with tweezers, or “flick off” with toothpick or similar…

you can mount it on wood pieces…wooden dowels…big screws…plant hook hanger bases (depending on what you are going to use to hang onto it…ring ckamp…ball vise…your hand…