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Promotional Ideas for Bench Work

Hello list mates… I am interested in starting a thread about
promotional ideas for bench work. I mean by this, sharing our ideas
for promotions that creates work for the bench.

What ideas have you used to sell product or services that make work
for the jeweller at the bench? (in opposition to finished product
purchased from a manufacturer)

This can include repair work or custom order work or building
finished goods for the show case.

I have several ideas that I have used and will share them as this
thread progresses.


We used to do an interesting promotion for remodelling. It was used
both in an advertisement in publications and as a direct mailer.

We had a picture of a pirates chest filled with jewellery. The copy

“Do you own a buried Treasure?” You know those unworn or broken
pieces of jewellery that you have just sitting in a drawer. They are
buried treasures. Dig up these treasures and come in to find out how
they can be turned into new treasures that you will wear and enjoy.
You will be amazed at how your old jewellery will become fantastic
new treasures!!

Estimates are free!!