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Projects for Cubs and Scouts

Hi everyone

I sent this message before but it bounced back, so here goes

When I was a Cub (60 years ago) one project was to go into the
woods and from a Spruce tree (any kind of tree, but a dead Spruce
was best) collect all the letters of the alphabet naturally
created from small portions of the branches. No cheating by
glueing the parts together.

All letters of the alphabet were then glued to a wide board (no
plywood then) and the whole given several coats of varnish.

Today using plywood, glue and verathane and getting more letters
one could spell out the name of the Scout Troop at the top and
then hang the project in a place of honor in the Scout Hall.
Parts could be gathered on your outing and finished at home or at
the Scout Hall.

From one Scout (old) to another (young)..............Leo