Programmable Vacuum Furnace

Hi, Could you help me to locate a manufacturer of Programmable
Electric Furnace suitable for heat-treating Corundum (Sapphires).


Try the dental suppliers: programmable vacuum furnaces are used for
firing porcelain crowns and bridges. They will be small, however,
Zahn dental is one, or you could try Ney, etc.

Good luck, Andy

Hi Dayananda,

What temperature are you wanting to reach? If you just want to get to
about 2100 deg F a NeyTech furnace will work. Otherwise you will be
spending over $3000 to get to any temperature between 2100 and 3000
deg F. This element will not last more than a year running at this
temperature. So if you go with this oven you will have to accept this
additional cost and work it into your pricing.

I have a customer in Helena, MT that is doing this and he is using a
NeyTech furnace with a digital controller that I installed. It is
working but the limitation is the heating element. In order to get a
higher temperature an exotic heating element needs to be used and
they are much more expensive and fragile.

I can give you more info as far as ovens that reach the higher
temperatures if you are interested. Contact me off the list either by
email or toll free at 1-877-262-2185.

Ken Kotoski
MPG Repair