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Program for Celtic Designs


Hello, Probably 3 or 4 months ago someone mentioned a program which
treats Celtic knots and other designs as fonts, making it relatively
easy to construct all sorts of ‘Celtic’ patterns. I cannot find this
website anymore and also didn’t find this message in the archives.
Could someone please help me? Thank you. Best Will


Try this link I saved it in my archive of really cool things on
orchid. Frank Goss


Here it is:

-jessica in SF, where the sky is about to dump down some more rain


Will, it’s not actually a program. it’s just a couple actual fonts.
Instead of letter forms, it has the primatives of elements of knots,
in graphic form (fonts after all, are also mini graphics). So you use
any word processor you like, after selecting the knot font, and just
start typing. It works well in microsoft word, for example.

go to




That would be this page:

Looks pretty neat, but my interest in knots tends toward those which
will stay tied when reproduced in string or wire. I’ve been doing
some Celtic looking pattern in linked chains that are coming out
nice, and of course some very simple rings as well, but I can’t see
most of the really intricate decorative knots working in any
application other than as illustrations, images on or in surfaces.



Will, yes, I remember. Can’t be certain if this is the same one,
but it looks like it:

This may be useful too:

Kevin (NW England, UK)