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Professional opinions please on ring repair

I have a client who dropped her ring on a tile floor. The bezel dented and the stone popped out due to the dent deforming the shape of the bezel.
I am torn as to whether or not this is an incident that a ring should stand up to. Is damage the customers fault, or should the ring have stood up to that?
Thank you for any professional input.

Personally, I think the ring’s bezel should have stood up to such an incident. The job of a bezel is to hold a stone securely and protect it. If being dropped on a tiled floor deforms it and allows the stone to fall out, then it suggests that the bezel is made far too thin and/or is a bad fit to the stone.

Conversely, perhaps the ring suffered a more violent accident and the customer is pulling a fast one?


You can argue either way. The customer should not have dropped it but if it’s easily repaired and your customer’s goodwill is important to you, then fix it for free.

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I plan on repairing it for free. That’s not the question. I am just wondering about the durability issue…should the ring have held up to that kind of drop? It is an oval 6x8 garnet in a 20g. 22K bezel.


It’s an oval 6x8 garnet set in a 20g. 22K bezel.
I wondered if she might have stepped on it. Hard to imagine a drop would have deformed it so much.

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Karen- I’m sorry to say that a 20gg 22 kt bezel is too soft and too thin
for a ring worn every day. Yes it could easily be that bent after a fall on
a tile floor.
I’d do it out of 18 KT and at least 1mm or 18gg thick.
In this case I’d replace the bezel for free.
Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer


Thanks, Jo. That’s what I plan on doing. Thanks for the advice.