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Professional casting and moldmaking service in Canada

Hi Folks, Can anyone recommend a professional casting and moldmaking
company with which they have had personal experience? Or, if you
live in Canada and have found a really good company in the US who
has experience shipping to Canada?

Donna Hiebert

Have I got a company for you…:>) the companies name is Procast
Casting, 21 Dundas Square, TORONTO, M5B 1B7, he is the only casting
house in this 100% jewellery trade building, many outside larger
jewellery companies ask for his assistance in their own casting
problems. Unfortunately I don’t have his telephone number right now,
but I will supply it tomorrow late evening. When you speak to him his
name is Vatche’ and send him my regards. my office is on the same floor
as his…Gerry, the Cyber-Setter

to add to this last email on “Procast” telephone number, here it
is…416 - 947 - 9760 the owners name is Vatche Kaloustian. he is the
absolute gentleman and a scholar in jewellery casting here in Toronto, Canada…Gerry!