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I am not a jeweler but have been subscribing to this group for a
while now. Thank you, I have learned very much.=97I=92m not sure if th=
is the correct list to post my message but I figure I=92ll give it a
shot=85. For many years I owned a mail order catalog marketing
aeromatic products. (Perfumes, candles, etc.) Unfortunately, after
years of exposure, I developed health problems from some of the
chemicals used to make these products. I can no longer be around
them and had to sell my business. I am starting a direct marketing
jewelry business now. I know very little about this industry but I’m
a pro at marketing. I’m interested in seeking products that folks on
this list may be making or trading in that may have mail order
potential. The criterion are the following: 1. A consumable product
that people use up and reorder, or a collectable series, or
something that indicates a buying pattern (If an enthusiast buy
this, then they’ll probably be interested in that too.) 2. A
reasonably easy to reach market. 3. Not available in every mall. (Or
at least has a twist so it’s not.) 4. Can be comfortably sold with a
100% money back guarantee. My first jewelry marketing attempt has
been necklaces to women offered through a photo offer inserted in
their credit card statements. (You’ve all seen those statement
stuffers.) Results have been, eh. I’m definitely open to hearing
from you if you make or trade in a product line that fits the
criterion listed. Thank you, Steve Mazzarella

I have a line that is very unique. Still working on my website, but
the photos are clear. Please take a look and let me know whether you
are interested.

Gary F. Brown
G F Brown Designs

A few people were kind enough to notify me that I had posted an
incorrect URL. Here is the correct one. The web page is
rudimentary, as the point was to get the photos up. When time allows
all the fine tuning will take place. I feel that my designs have a
very different flair. Thanks, in advance, for taking a look.