Product idea: Pre-sized wax tubes

Today, as I was boring out a wax tube so an apprentice could carve a
ring, it occured to me that I would gladly pay extra for wax tubes
already bored to acurate ring sizes. Does anyone sell these?

Stephen Walker


I am unaware of any wax tubes available with the holes bored out.
However Rio carries a wooden mandrel with a sharp metal edge which
is very easy to use to bore out holes according to the size needed. I
get the wax tubes with the hole already started,and then just ream
out the rest.


Hi Stephen,

there is a company in the UK called Tekwani that do it for Delcam the
3D modelling people. I am not sure if they will sell to others but
here is a link to their website. I bought a block of wax from them
because I wanted a large size and they are local. I believe they only
sell one hardness.

regards Tim Blades.


E-Wax 630-968-6001 makes round and flat top ring tubes bored to
size in 27 and 33 mm od.


Stephan, just google ‘casting wax tubes’ and you will get quite a few
hits. Now, these tubes are not necessarily reamed to the specific
size(s) you may want, but Rio (and other suppliers) have mandrels
with a metal cutting edge with which you can ream to a specific size
in just a few strokes.

Cheers from Don in SOFL.


I found the item by calling Rio… Hope it’s OK to pass on this
info… Item # 700570, it’s called a Matt Ring Tube Sizer

Thanks, Again

Let me clarify my suggestion. When I need to make a wax ring blank,
I bore it on a lathe, which gives a very nice perfectly parallel
hole, also very accurate. This wax ring is better than what you will
get from a Matt Ring Tube Sizer or one of those tapered reamers or a
wax file. I have those tools and have also them often, but I like the
lathe much better. I am suggesting that a wax vendor might pick up
some market share if they offered tubes already accurately bored to
size. Even though I have the equipment to do it very well myself, I
would value saving time with a product like this and I am sure that
other wax carvers who do not own machine lathes might also be willing
to pay a premium.

Stephen Walker


Is that the full name of the company? Can you e-mail me the website?

Thanks Much,

E -wax is the name I have, the owner is Brant Emery. His brother
Wayne is on here has the tiny cameras. Brant’s phone number is
630-968-6001 tubes bored to size are $8.30 his email is [brantemery
at comcast dot net]

hope this helps, Ty