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   I am now stuck with three of their tumblers with no recourse
but to buy new. 

Lisa, you can put new motors in anything, quite easily, and if you
cannot, there are many guys who can, or electric service companies
that will. These are usually small shops that fix vaccums, rebuild
automotive generators/altenators, fix appliances,etc., all you need
to do is research by phone or foot, just shop around, the work on
these motors is going to be very minimal, probably brushes,
replacement of the motor being the easiest, but i doubt if that is
what is needed. 1/4 hp motors are cheaper than cheap and there are a
million, that work fine, in every metal recycle place in the country.
When you send a tool to be serviced, they don’t build the new motor
there, or machine parts there, they replace brushes or motors in a
matter of minutes, by loosening and tightening a few bolts and
screws, wires, done!!

Sender: owner-orchid@ganoksin.com
Precedence: bulk


I don’t know specifically what kind of tumbler you have (vib or
rotary) but tumbler motors are easy to change out. If you need a
specific motor, go to www.grainger.com. They have just about every
kind of small (or large) motor you can imagine and, if you can give
them the nominclature off the old motor, they will sell you one at a
reasonable price.

Sorry to hear about your problems though. Cheers from Don at The
Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where it is really getting cold and
where simple elegance IS fine jewelry! @coralnut1.