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Producing a die - methods?

vladimirfrater -
December wrote:

Hi Bill,

Ill put serious money on the table to ANY CAD/CAM operator and
machine to beat my technique, and time and finish quality, to coin proof

  1. Blank placed on die by hand, no need to clamp it down,
    2 drop stamped
  2. Removed, simply lifted out ,
    Sequence repeated.
    Total time for 1 2 3
    20 seconds.

With all due respect, Ted, that’s like challenging a CNC mill to a foot
race. What do you say in England - “Horses for courses”? There doubtless
are automatic coining machines that can produce coins faster than you
can by hand, but that’s not what CAD/CAM is for. But how long does it
take you to produce one of those dies? That’s where CAD/CAM might be
able to save you some serious time.

Andrew Werby