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Problems with Tinomics

Hello all,

I’m reluctant to post negative comments on businesses but I need to

I’m looking for a company to do titanium casting and have sent a RFQ
email to Tinomics ( I got no response.
After many unanswered calls and phone messages, someone finally
picked up the phone and said yes, my email has been received, their
sales rep handles the estimates and he will contact me in a day or
two. I never heard from him. I even left a message for the owner,
Scott Jackson, on his cell phone, and again, nothing. I waited a few
more days and after more unanswered calls, the same person picked up
again. With some pressing, he (a departing employee nevertheless)
revealed that they’ve been bought by another company and are in the
process of relocating. Production is being shut down for the next 2
months or so while they get permits for the new building. That’s why
the sales rep has not got back to me, because they can’t produce
anything right now anyway. He promised he’ll pass my message to the
sales rep again. Have not heard back.

Doesn’t this appear a little unprofessional? I don’t mind waiting, I
just want to know how long by a person in charge. Can’t they inform
customers of all this news on their website, or at least an
auto-generated email that they’re in flux and production is in halt,
etc. etc.

Again sorry for the venting…does anyone have any news or insight
about them? I normally wouldn’t be ticked off by things like these,
but looks like they’re the only company that does titanium casting,
so I’m a little frustrated…

Thanks for “listening”!

Why would you ever use a company for anything that responded to you
in this way?

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.

Hi Mark, I know, I would absolutely move on if only I can find
another vendor but no luck so far :wink:

Anastasia, I’ve had the same results. I went and bought a SolidScape
wax printing machine specifically after discussing my titanium
casting needs with them. They thought our parts would be a good fit
and that we would have a good working relationship. After getting my
first orders for actual titanium rings, I had sent my waxes and was
told it might be a week to a week and a half turnaround. After
several weeks and nobody answering the phone, I finally got hold of
them and was told that they weren’t sure they wanted to cast small
parts anymore. That left me in a serious bind that is obviously
unacceptable for wedding rings needed by a certain date. My customers
tend to be like the ones today who are getting married in 2 days and
need some custom rings! To this day, they still have my waxes. I too
am now searching desperately for another caster of titanium. I
searched high and low including archives here and have not found
anyone yet. I understand dental labs work with titanium alloys, but
have yet to find on willing to cast rings. Please, if anyone knows a
caster of titanium, do let us know.

Bruce Boone
Boone Titanium Rings