Problems with soldering 9ct white and yellow gold together

Hi Chaps, I have a 9ct white gold (no nickel) shank and trying to solder a 9ct yellow gold head to it and was using a 9ct white medium solder and now the solder has pitted the yellow gold. Its as though it is ‘eating/etching’ into the yellow. I would like to use white solder as I think the finish would look better but do I have to use 9ct yellow solder? The solders were bought in so I do know what their makeup is.
Thanks for any help.

I would use easy white solder, make sure everything is really clean, good quality flux, then go in hard and fast with the flame.
Solder etching into the gold sounds like you were heating it to slow initially resulting in carbon build up then spent to long overheating it afterwards trying to get it to flow.

Thanks Sean. That maybe the reason. I will give that a try :slight_smile: