Problems with Joopy Gems, Hong Kong

Joopy Gems of Hong Kong was recommended to me for roseccut stones.

I ordered several types for my students projects and a larger
amethyst for myself.

The amethyst was almost entirely clear, no color. I wrote it off as
a poor buying decision, not worth the effort to try to return. A
couple of days later I was solicited by Joopy Gems for a review and
in my review I related how poor the stone was.

The owner, Julia emailed me, said her assistant may have sent the
wrong stone and that she would replace it. This never happened. I
have emailed her twice repeatedly since her offer with zero response
from her or Joopy Gems, nor has my negative review been posted.

Needless to say I will be sticking with my regular suppliers for my
students and my needs.

Mistakes happen, it is how vendors react to customers issues which
defines them.

I, d rename them.“sloppy-gems” not joopy gems. Always remember the
saying…“buyer beware” I prefer to pay a few $$ extra if I can buy
whats in the showcase or failing that, from a North American
supplier. look at the grief you’re saving. Keep the money in your/our
country. I’m a great proponant of shopping. HERE. not there! Gerry!

Mistakes happen, it is how vendors react to customers issues which
defines them. 


I could not agree more.

As a wholesaler of natural gems, I think of my job as supporting
what my client or my client’s client wants, so our business
relationship is not adversarial at all. Rather, I am thrilled when I
can work with a client.

Mistakes DO happen. How we handle them is what counts. But first, we
must know about them. Please, please, please do tell us. We will do
everything we can to make something that is truly wrong, right.

Mary Stachura