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Problems with Hoover & Strong

Daniel, Actually the very first thing I did was to go to an internet
cafe in Bangkok and log on to the H&S website and send a very lengthy
explanation of the situation by email, along with a plea for
assistance directly to Torry Hoover. After waiting for two days and
receiving no response what so ever, I called long distance at my
expense several times. Not a single time was Torry available to speak
with me nor did he ever attempt to call me back. His secretary Susan
Brooks was very helpful but her delegation of the solution to other
hands resulted in several more inept and completely inexcusable
actions. The three telephone numbers and fax numbers I gave her as my
contact numbers in Thailand were subsequently lost. My requests for a
copy of the invoice for my replacement wire to be sent by fax and a
confirmation call of when it was shipped out overseas were never met.
I was told my package would arrive by USPS express mail and instead
when it was sent by Fed Ex I was not apprised of the change in
shipper. Since my telephone numbers in Bangkok were not included on
the package with the address, there was no way for customs to contact
me and the package accrued storage charges for three weeks along with
the import taxes which Hoover &Strong’s employees assured me in
advance they would be responsible for. They later refused to pay for
the tax which, after all, was a liability directly incurred by their
original mistake to begin with. In the long run I was treated rudely,
Torry and others were personally aware of the situation, at least I
was told that they were familiar with the facts, and yet no one at an
executive level displayed any interest in responding despite my
several attempts to contact them.

I am glad to hear that you have experienced professional service from
Hoover & Strong, which is essentially all that I expected to receive.
Regrettably, in this particular instance I did not.

Michael David Sturlin, jewelry artist @Michael_David_Sturli

Michael Sturlin Studio, Scottsdale Arizona USA