Problems soldering posts to Argentium Sterling

... the argenitum backplate always slumps. Is anyone else having
this problem? 

As indicated in all the major resources for Argentium
Silver, AS will slump if it is over-heated. Since backplates are
particularly prone to this kind of difficulty it is important to
support the plate from underneath – as in laying it on a soldering
brick or whatever – when you are doing this kind of work. Thing to
watch out for include: the thinner the plate the greater the tendency
to slump; the hotter your flame the greater the tendency to slump;
and the higher your working temperatures the more important the use
of supports.

If you follow these basic guidelines and use a little inventiveness
you won’t have slumping issues, especially if you are using the
easier solders.

So, if your AS is slumping you are almost certainly over-heating it.
This could be because you’re using a hot-running torch, particularly
thin gauge plate, too bright a work light so you’re not seeing the
metal colors, or some combination thereof. With proper control of
your tools and workpiece it is quite easy to eliminate over-heating
and the corresponding slumping issues.

I believe this has all been discussed before here, on Cythia’s site
if I’m not mistaken, and certainly on my blog.

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