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Problems at Metalifferrous

I’m not associated with Metalifferous at all, actually, can’t spell
it , but I do a lot of business with them. They are knowledgable and
honorable. That being said, I don’t know if you are aware that
Peter, the owner, died suddenly right before the holidays. If
there are problems right now I would eer on the side of caution and
assume that they are having problems straightening things out.,

Lynn Lepofsky in lovely, freezing New York City

Lynn - please extend sympathy to Peter’s family and the folks at
Metalifferrous!! What a horrible thing for them. My dh owns his
own business, and I cannot imagine what a nightmare it would be if he
were to die still owning it! Trying to deal with the loss plus the
business at one time has got to be horrible!

Best wishes.
Beth in SC