Problem solving guide for Jewellery casting

I heard about orchid last week at the MJSA New York show. SRS
are experts in plaster based mould materials for metal casting.
We make materials for aluminium and steel and also of course
for jewellery casting. We spend a lot of time & money on
research mainly into Investment Powders but now more and more
into lost wax casting in general. We want to share our findings
with the industry and thus are very pleased to have found out
about orchid. We have two features on our web site which may be
of interest. Take a look at for the “Problem
solving guide” and “Helpful Hints”. We welcome all comments and
suggestions on how to improve the site or the If
you have any interesting photos or useful findings please let us
know - we are interested to learn more. Our Research manager Dr
Ian McKeer will be attending the Santa Fe symposium for the
second time and would like to talk to anyone regarding this. We
look forward to hearing from you. Huw Davis, Director.