Prips flux on kiln element

Regarding stuff sticking to heating element of Ultra Light Kiln,I
have been concerned about drips of flux or other things sticking to
mine and wonder if coating the element with kiln wash would be a
good idea. I h ave a small bee hive which I use for enameling demos
and I have the element covered with kiln wash to protect it from
dripped enamel. I plan to use the Ultra lite for granualation as
well as enamel demonstrations, and wonder if i should take the
precaution of coating the element with kiln wash. recommendations
will be appreciated. thanks. Alma

Kiln wash on ultralite kiln? Alma, if the ultralite is a ceramic
fiber, then the manufacturers usually say not to put kiln wash on
the surface. I had a Paragon with ceramic fiber muffle and that was
what the instructions said so I used Thompson’s “Kiln Blanket” which
might work for you since you can cut it to size. Donna in VA