Printer for PnP blue

I wrote an earlier message, saying that I used a Canon PC428 copier.

Folks here are mentioning “ink jet” vs. laser printing. Just to
clarify, you need a COPY machine, not a computer ink jet printer! An
ink jet printer will not work. It’s the wrong kind of ink. However,
there are two kinds of black and white copy machines: those that use
laser toner and those that do not. You do NOT need a laser copier to
print PnP, although you will get a blacker black that will possibly
hold up in the etchant better.

There are consumer priced copy machines that are not laser copiers
that are available from the large office supply places such as Office
Max or Staples. Canon makes good ones that are reliable with PnP and
are reasonably priced. The model I mentioned above cost about $150.
It is not a laser copier. The model has been superceded by a newer
ones but you can still find something in this price range or even
less on sale.

I bought the Canon because someone I knew taught etching and she had
one she used in class. I’ve also taught etching classes and needed
something for my students so we weren’t dependent on a local copy
place. It’s a great inexpensive little machine and does the job. It
accepts half sheets so you can copy something for smaller projects.

One thing you need to consider is whether the machine will reliably
feed the PnP through it. Some laser printers get too hot and the PnP
ends up as wadded plastic inside. Bad bad bad. Melted PnP doesn’t
stick to anything, but can be very difficult to extract from the
machine. It sometimes depends on the method that the machine uses to
deposit the toner on the page, whether it’s a “straight feed” through
or whether it has to wrap around hot rollers.

I have not heard good things about the Brothers accepting material
other than paper. There’s another transfer process I use and the
feedback about it pointed to Canons and Hewlitt Packard copiers being
the most reliable and using the kind of toner that would work.
Brothers didn’t work for that process at all.

To summarize, any black and white big commercial copier is going to
work, depending on how easily it will feed. Most accept the PnP just
fine. If you decide to buy your own copier, I’d suggest sticking with
Canon or HP models. It’s not necessary to buy a laser printer.

Rene Roberts

any black and white big commercial copier is going to work,
depending on how easily it will feed. Most accept the PnP just
fine. If you decide to buy your own copier, I'd suggest sticking
with Canon or HP models. It's not necessary to buy a laser printer. 

Not any copier. Some of them are no longer toner. I don’t know what
they are, but they are definitely not toner and they don’t work for


Thanks so much to all of you who replied to my dilemma with the PnP
paper. I have found from the 13 experiments that I had done, (11 of
which I had used the iron and ‘ironed’ the Pnp paper as per an
instructional video I found on Youtube) that the iron method didn’t
work. At least not with what I was doing, perhaps with the
suggestions from those of you that do it that way I will have better
success. It finally worked when I had done the griddle method with no
burnishing, just little pats. I didn’t tape it down at all either so
that I shall try next time.

I was lucky to not have been turned down by Office Depot. I think it
may be because they hadn’t had anyone come in and ask to print on
PnP prior and had no idea what could happen. But they had no problems
printing it for me. But I shall look for a printer of my own in the
future so I can do it at home at my leisure and not have to travel
miles to get it done.

BTW, someone had written and I had opened it up and started to read
it but had to shut down right away. I didn’t get to read it all and
didn’t catch the name. It was a fairly long reply, 4-5
paragraphs.For some unknown reason I can’t find it within my email.
If you know who you might be, could you please resend? that is if you
still have it, if not, no problem, thanks. Thanks again to all, you
have been most helpful :slight_smile:

Have a lovely day

I have a HP laser printer and I use overhead projector transparency
sheets from Staples, rather than PnP paper. I use both a griddle and
an iron, heating from both sides, and I get excellent results. My
instructions come from a tutorial I downloaded by Karen Christians of
Metalwerx, from this group.

Janet Kofoed

Thanks so much Rene for resending your message and for the detailed
info on copiers.