Princess cut diamonds eternity band

Hello all,

A question for the nice setters and goldsmiths in Orchid. How do you
manage to get a perfect layout/distribution of stones in a whole
(all round) channel set eternity band? I’ve always struggled with
this. And once you get to the number of stones needed, and in order
to get them perfectly set girdle to girdle with no gap between all
around the ring? I am about to set a twenty something princess cut
diamond eternity band that is still at the goldsmith’s, and I am
being given the exact ammount of stones, so no slightly bigger or
smaller stone to play around in the final stages of the setting.

Thanks to all,
Kindest regards,


first step is to measure the diameter of the ring at the level you
want the girdles of the stones to be. Now multiply the diameter time
the value of Pi or (3.141) this will give you the circumference of
the circle at the level of the diamond girdles. Now divide that
number by the number of stones you want to set around the ring. This
will give you the dimension of the diamonds one way. I usually add.
oo5mm per stone as a fudge factor and also to allow just enough room
between stones so they do not touch but yet also do not show space
between the stones. Your biggest problem is going to be to get the
stone dealers to pull stones that are exact sizes with similar cuts
in depth and girdle thickness. I always did this math before I cut
the wax so I could choose the exact size of stone for width and
length. Good luck on your project. Frank Goss