Primitive Faceting/Lapidary Techniques/Tools

Hi Asa, If you want to see how it is done without expensive machines,
look at my Web site,

I just got back from Brazil, and one of the main reasons for going
was to take pictures of jam peg faceting, so everyone could see how
its done overseas. I have numerous pictures that I will try to put
up this weekend. I will update the above link. I went to an Emerald
mine, bought some rough, took it to Zico and watched him facet it by
attaching it to a stick with wax, and in 45 minutes , he had a
perfect pear shaped half-caret emerald. What was amazing was the way
he went from the table to the pavillion. He just took it off, and
changed it by eyesight. When the phone rang, he put it down, then
came back and picked up where he left off, hitting the facet perfect
the first timeā€¦

Love and God Bless
-randy smith
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