Pricing sterling sheet, wire, etc

Good Morning Orchidland,
I’m downsizing and have determined that I have more sterling sheet, wire, bezel, etc. then I will ever use. I have a fledgling metalsmith interested in buying some of the metal. My quandary is determining how to price the various forms of silver.

Although I know I can send it in for melt, it seems a shame to waste the cost of making the various forms. Decorative bezel costs much more per gram than round wire, yet the value for melt is the same.

So, there must be a formula that takes the current price for silver and factors in weight and cost for making sheet, wire, bezel, etc. To complicate things, I have standard sterling, and Argentium, Continuum, and Sterlium.

Anyone have experience with pricing? Your input would be helpful!

Judy in Kansas, where triple digit temps are wilting the garden plants. Night temps are upper 70s and lower 80s! Poor tomatoes.

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How bout charging the newbee say 80% of the Rio Grande numbers?

Water those tomatoes!

Start with what it would cost new today. The buyer probably won’t be paying the tax and shipping that they would if they bought it from a supplier. When I try to find the cost element of metal in my pricing formula, for sheet and wire, I get a quote from Hoover and Strong for 10 feet of 8 gauge wire. This will include shipping and any taxes. I calculate a gram price from that quote and that becomes the metal element of cost in my pricing formula. You might do the same for other forms of metal that have a different cost to manufacture. Boiling it all down to a per gram or ounce price then allows you to price and sell various pieces. Apply whatever discount or profit that you want on top of the per gram price. I am sure others will have other ways to solve this problem. Well into the 90s here in Central NY today. In six months we could be -20. Good luck and stay cool…Rob


…lets see…if it were me…

…fabrication upcharges vary between sheets, wires, etc…

i think i would go onto one of the jewelry websites…rio grande, stuller, hoover, etc, (one that will give you est weights…)

ie: you can keep increasing the “quantity” ie feet, inches, untill you hit the weight…or just put in the actual measurements if you can easily measure them…

…weight (or measure) each of your items out, bag them, and get the est prices from the website, for the specific item, and price each bag at current value

…then you can figure out a discount you would like to apply

…total up each lucky persons shopping haul, and apply the discount to the total


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Hello Julie,
This makes sense. As long as I can find the same pattern - and RG has lots! - let the website calculate value.
Thanks, Judy in Kansas

Hello Rob,
Might just use the website do the calculation for each piece. For unknown patterns, I’ll bet a similar can be found for cost basis.

Thanks Rob. Summer in Kansas is usually hot and humid…just like now!!
Judy in Kansas

Hello Geoffrey,
Everyone has the brilliant idea of referring to RG or other wholesaler. Thanks for the logical approach, and the thirsty tomatoes are getting water!!
Judy in Kansas

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Hi Judy my name is Chuck and I am in Seattle . I am setting up my shop again and have sold off my sterling sheet and wire . I am interested in buying your sheet and wire . I will pay you spot price on your goods . Can I get a contact number from you .
Chuck Londo