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Pricing Question

Hi All,
I recently had a customer ask for a quote to have a brass cuff I made in solid gold. The brass cuff is 1/4” thick and 5.25” long. Basically 2 gauge wire. The labor to whack around a bracelet mandrel is fairly minimal. Definitely less than an hour’s work from start to finish. I mostly work in Sterling with only bits of gold added in. I told the customer double the price of the gold which was $1,550. I’m curious what you guys think.

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Double the price of gold plus whatever it would be in sterling…Rob

Hi folks,

I have just been given 2 Buffalo brand micromotors. They are not in
front of me now but one is an X35. Neither one has a handpiece and I
don’t know how sensitive the electronics are in these units, so can
anyone tell me which handpieces these can use? Looks like the standard
socket but are they basically all the same? Just don’t want to mess
things up. TIA. Johnny

Johnny, No one is going to see your post because it’s a reply on this thread “pricing”. You’re gunna need to creat a new post and then someone that can help you might see it.

Hi Matt,

I would double the price of the gold and add the price of the same bracelet in sterling. That is what I do in my shop.

Don Meixner

---- Matthew Fullum wrote:

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Thanks. I felt like the price wasn’t too outlandish. My inexperience had me concerned they might ask another jeweler and they would think I was out of my mind to quote them what I did. But I’m at ease now.

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