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Pricing of stones

First, I am not a stone dealer, I am a goldsmith.

Another goldsmith would like to purchase some stones from my

This is the question: Should I expect him to pay what I paid for the
stones or a percentage of the original purchase price?

It was so long ago for some of them I don’t remember what I paid…

Thoughts on the subjecte?

Thank you very much,

Value of a stone is dependent on many factors, among them are the
famous 4 C’s (Color, Carat weight, Clarity and Cut); also dependent
on what gem the stone is. You did not specify if these are rough,
cabochon or faceted stones. That said, you could search the internet
and find stones that are similar and base you price on them. Most
other jewelers will expect you to sell to them at wholesale (usually
about 50% of retail price). You will find a huge difference between
stone dealers for what they charge. I recently investigated
purchasing some CZ stones for a customer (she specified CZ) and for
the same 12x6 marquis, I could pay from $1.66 to over $200 depending
on what company I went with. I chose the reputable company that I
have done business with for several years (the $1.66 folk,

Good luck,

  1. look up their value and availability now - if they are rare or
    irreplaceable make your decision based on that criteria. If the sale
    of them means you won’t be able to make something you planned on with
    the remaining pieces then you have to factor that in as well!

  2. if you have many and don’t mind parting with some and they were
    cheap- sell them but include any taxes, VAT,duties/customs, etc.
    that you had to pay to get them to your studio- not necessarily
    suggesting making a profit unless you think that is fair given the
    material and its replace-ability.

  3. Bottom line the person should pay at least what you paid for them.
    From what I gleaned you are suggesting taking a loss because it was
    ’long ago"- some mines are closed, some materials no longer in
    production so their value may be many times what it cost years
    before-…If the friend wants them though, perhaps its because he
    cannot get them anywhere else, or in a similar grade or cut. so you
    need to do a bit of homework and maybe check your old invoices. Don’t
    take a loss unless you want to make it a gift of sorts and money is
    no object between you and your friend, or if you simply don’t think
    you’ll ever use them. someone gave me some positively horrid stones
    once that i can’t get rid of : they are not a cut I would ever
    consider using, and I haven’t found a buyer for them either- nor
    anyone else that has expressed any interest in them even free.
    Perhaps your stones are similar, in which case giving them away may
    be the best way to eliminate them from your “overstock”…

it’s not only taste, but cut, colour, quality, replacement sourcing
and will it eliminate your being able to use the remaining like
stones in one of your designs, or as a replacement for a piece you
made that may need a new one reset at some point, , do what you feel
is best after your researching their rarity (though if it’s a common
stone and abundant and you’ll never use the quantity you have in a
lifetime, then let them go; no research needed!)

This is the question: Should I expect him to pay what I paid for
the stones or a percentage of the original purchase price? 

Stones don’t lose value with age. He should pay current wholesale
less whatever discount you want to give him, if any.

Al Balmer
Pine City, NY

This is the question: Should I expect him to pay what I paid for
the stones or a percentage of the original purchase price? 

Ask what you think is reasonable. You could also think of them as an
investment (depending on the stones of course) :slight_smile: CIA

Hi Laurie

Why would a goldsmith want to buy from you not a wholesale gem

1 You have stones he can not get.

2 He thinks he can get them cheaper from you.

I agree with other posters, check the price for the stones today.
Wholesale and retail.

Then charge him accordingly.

An hour or 2 of research could be worth some serious profit to you.

Ask him which ones he wants and tell him you will come back with a

Post the descriptions here on orchid and see what we the trade would

Some stones such as sapphires are going up in price every year.

Also there now seems to be a shortage of quality blue moonstones.

What cost you $50 10 years ago could be worth a lot more now.

I suspect you have more than a few on Orchid HUNGRY for the stones
you have.