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Pricing listings

Some links to about Pricing for Jewelers. Lewton-Brain 04

Internet Information on Pricing Jewellery
A basic approach for a beginner.
A good approach with nice comparative information
A comprehensive pricing and dealing with galleries infor for
begginers and beyond with wire jewelry.
Pricing article from Lapdiary Journal
pricing system on a chat list, nice, basic, clear.

Nice Pricing formula basic, clear.


Long David Geller article on pricing principles.
Joanna Kelleher’s pricing formula
Beth Rosengard pricing formula
Daniel Grandi’s’ comments on pricing and labor cost variables.
Kate Wolf comment on pricing principles
Joel Schwab comment on adjusting price to metal cost changes.
Compilation of discussion about pricing principles
Jeffrey Everett’s pricing principles discussion.
Frank Goss’ comments on pricing high to get market validity.
David Geller’s top ten business books for jewelers.
David Geller’s comments on labor charges.

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