Pricing diamonds?

My name is Nicholas and im in the U.S. Navy im trying to sell
jewelry on the side to save money so i can go to a school for
jewelers. I just sold my mothers boyfriend an engagement ring it
is, a VVS2 .39 CT. BRILLIANT CUT E IN COLOR and its GIA cert. I
sold it for 1900.00 i am wondering if i sold it to cheap and how
and what do i base my prices on. Any feedback would be very
helpful. And i love jewelry and id give anything to make it in this
business. Thanks, Nicholas

Hi Nicholas
what was your cost on the stone?

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According to the Diamond Price Report in the last National Jeweler,
the average wholesale price per carat for your stone is $2596. I
don’t know what your cost was but based on the above, you got a good
price. Price, ultimately, has to based on your cost and the market.
The diamond market is very competitive, especially with the growth
of the internet. Good luck with your pursuit of a jewelry career.

Joel Schwalb

David S. Geller,

My price was 1300 flat. ive also read about your workshops and
hopefully soon ill be in the position to take them thanks any
knowledge on this will be very helpful.


If I remember correctly, you sold this for about $2000? Very good. A
50% markup on this would make many a retailer smile

David Geller

510 Sutters Point
Atlanta, GA 30328
(404) 255-9565