Pricing CZ stones

Further and onward to my meticulous development of my one-of-a-kind
jewellery line. I priced (dealer-wholesale) cubic zirconias
(a.k.a.C.Z’s). Lets say one stone costs me.40 cents per-stone. I now
must include the Canadian, “Harmonized Sales Tax” at 13%, so now
this one stone will cost me, roughly .45 cents!

Am I going to sit back and not include any profit? My rough estimate
of 50% is within reason…so after some rounding of some numbers, I
figure.65 for each stone. These numbers are not out of line. My
profit margin must include my time and paying upfront for these
multitude (1,143) of stones. As all of the stones are only to be used
for display purposes, I will buy only the better quality. These items
will be used then photographed for my new web-site from all angles.

Gerry !