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Pricing CAD CAM Service

Dear all!

I have been practicing CAD CAM techniques with Rhino and a Roland
MDX 15 Milling machine. Quite a basic but useful kit I think.

For next year I am planning to promote the service to the trade. I
will make designs and mill the masters in wax. Sometimes it will be
just the programming and milling. Has anyone an experience of what
the going rate for these services is? I am based in the UK. I would be
grateful for any help.

Many Thanks

Try the following link for SLA / perfactory output. This will give
you a baseline, milling should be roughly 30% less:

Good Luck!
Sterling VanDerwerker CGA (AGS)
Royal Diadem Jewelers
2130P New Garden Road
Greensboro, NC 27410
336 288-7211
336 288-7080 fax

Hello everyone,

I have been offering CAD/CAM Services to the trade for over 3 years
now. A few things set me apart from traditional CAM services so my
pricing may be different. I have been in the jewelry industry for
over 10 years as a designer, goldsmith, and custom jewelry store
manager. My business is offering high quality hand and machine wax
carvings with an emphasis on intricate designs. I have a different
type of software/ hardware setup on my CAD-CAM so I don’t download
files from jewelers and run them. I help jewelers who don’t have
the setup and simply want a high quality piece made. I take designs
via e-mail, snail mail, and fax. My prices range from $125 for a
simple celtic knot style ring or logo pin/pendant, to $200 for a
complex ring with stone setting arrangements. Additional pieces are
generally $25-75 depending on if things are different like ring sizes
or scale. If they are identical, then the price is usually $25 per
piece. I carve in hard wax so the waxes can be molded with RTV.
These prices include normal changes and design time. This way, the
jeweler only has to come up with the concept and design, and they
leave it to me to work out the bugs.

It’s interesting how off-putting some of the technology is to some
people, and I have been trying to put out there that it can be
simple and easy to access. To only offer CAM services is pretty
limiting since many jewelers don’t have the time or the inclination
to own/operate the CAD side of the equation. It is very important to
come at this from the goldsmith’s angle so you know what works and
what doesn’t.

I hope that this is helpful,

Mary Elizabeth Linford
Blue Star Wax Carving
PO Box 11692
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110