I have a customer who retired from stone cutting many moons ago,
but still has some stones lying around. He is wondering if I
would be interested in any of them, but I have no idea as to what
they are going for price wise. The ones I might be interested in
(although I have never worked with any of them and am not sure of
the quality) are:

Andalusite .5ct kite shaped
Mexican Fire Opal 1.3 ct round
Sunstone 2.3 ct kite shaped (also called aventurine feldspar)
Flourite 2.4 ct emerald cut (has a large feather)
Morganite 2.85 ct trillion (also called pink beryl)

If anyone has any guesses as to the worth of these stones or any
words of wisdom regarding any of them I would apreciate the info.

Thanks in advance!

Sharon Z.