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Price tags

Well, folks, I’ve finally seen a type of price tag I think I can live
with (on someone’s work)-- now I’m hoping someone knows where to get
them! They are slender, clear strips that seem to kind of "button"
together permanently. I think they’re only 3-4mm wide, quite
unobtrusive. Rio & Stuller don’t seem to have them. Any suggestions?


Hi Noel,

I know exactly the type of price tag you have seen because I’ve been
using them for over a year and love the way they blend into my
display. I order them from Arch Crown. You can reach them on the web
at or by calling 1-800-526-8353. You can request a
catalog with all their products. I use the strips for earrings as
well as other items so I don’t always “button” them together. I
ordered E525 in matte clear with the buttons separate. It is a thin
strip, and I just ordered E519 which is wider for the times I need to
provide more on items I’m sending elsewhere. Hope this
helps you.

Nancy Miller

I just got some tags from Arch Crown Tags -
they seem to have a complete line, and their turnaround was 2 days.


A quick search for “clear ring tags” came up with:

Plastic Button Ring Tags, Clear Frosted, Package of 100 $7.95
Plastic Button Ring Tags, Clear Frosted, Package of 1000 $64.95

They don’t have any pictures available; but, it seems to be close to
what you were describing.


That type of label is available, I believe, through Arch Crown.
Good luck, Reba