Price Range on Gold Settings

You didn't mention what catalogs you were looking at nor just which
kind of oval prong settings you needed, but Rio has 14ky 10X8
settings in the $30 to $40 range. Stuller for a good bit less. 

Jerry, I was got that price range from the Rio Grande catalogue, a
typical 6-prong white gold basket setting, nothing fancy. I guess
purchasing white gold wire (gosh, have I ever SEEN WG wire?) to make
my own settings is an option; however, making settings in this way
is hugely labor intensive. But I need the practice, I suppose. I’ve
made a few in silver with less than optimal results. My next endeavor
is to make a setting using sheet formed into a tube, then into a
slight taper and carving out the prongs with a bur. Perhaps that will
make a stronger setting with less malleable prongs? If anyone has
experience in cutting their own settings using this technique and can
offer me any tips on work hardening after assembly, I’d sure
appreciate it. Thanks again to Jerry and all of you wonderful