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Price of Diamond Parcel


$325 a carat. Good Deal or Not? This parcel weighs 13.37 carats. 25 diamonds. I2 clarity, G to F color. Average weight is .53. I want to make them into earrings and have little experience in buying parcels. Thanks for your feedback.Dale Pavatte, Diamonds For You, Decherd, Tennessee


My idea is to give the parcel to a diamond appraisal service. Let them sort them into 'pairs’
If they want a few $$'s this will make your life so much easier. Weigh the stones and colour grade before setting, it’s nearly impossible afterwards!
Hope this helps you…:wink:
Gerry! from my Toronto iPhone!


Hi, I think that price is a bargain if in fact they are the qualities you say. Stuller would sell those stones easily for 800-900 a carat. Stuller tends to be high, but at $325 a carat you can make a large profit. I’d definitely buy them all. Good luck, Leanne


Thank you, Gerry. Your experience is a great help to the whole jewelry industry.


Thank you, Leanne. I sent you a private message on facebook. I don’t understand how to send private messages yet on Orchid. Lol


Just trying to be of assistance to anyone who needs, or wants it! I think
by asking your appraiser to put them into the ‘separate’ envelopes for
future setting, will make your life so more easier! Packages of I-2, or
SI-2, will even make it easier to finally appraise once set!
Glad to be of help!..:>)

*Gerry Lewy *
*Toronto. (905) 886-5961 *


Old Rap sheets would put “GIA graded” F-G I2 0.50-0.69 at 1300-1400/carat.

How would you rate the cut? Like done by an amateur on the lap? Do the stones look like they’ve been modified? Filled, lasered, etc.?


The cut looks good, the girdle is average. I don’t think they are modified, filled or lasered. The company I bought them from buys from jewelers going out of business and from pawn shops. I suppose they sell low for a quick turn-a-round. I am setting them into earrings today. A friend of mine saw them the other day and said they were I3 or I4 and he thought I would normally pay from $550 to $700 per carat. Since I paid $325 pc, I am satisfied that I can sell one carat total weight earrings for $799 (about keystone) and come out OK. I am like everyone else and just trying to make a dollar. I have no experience in buying parcels and appreciate any advice.
Dale Pavatte
Diamonds For You
33 years in business


So pleased that you put your trust into the members of Ganoksin! That’s why we are here!
Gerry! from my Toronto iPhone!