Preventing the reflections in a light box?

Prevent the reflection of the camera in a light box, How?

We’re getting a big, black, ugly reflections of our digital camera
from the images of reflective jewelry taken in a light box. In other
words, we see the camera lens and black body in the reflective parts
of the jewelry. How can we eliminate this? We’ve tried angling the
piece away, but there’s always some part of the jewelry that’s
reflecting right back at the camera. It’s a lot of work in Photoshop
to fix in post work. I’ve thought that maybe there would be something
like a one-way mirror or lens or piece of glass that we could take
pictures through to eliminate the camera reflection.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Dave N

Attach to the front of the light box some white fabric. You want some
really horrid, cheap polyester fabric in white, white, white. You
want polyester so there’s no lint. Cut either a slit all the way up
the middle of the fabric, or just a smaller slit where the camera
will peak through.

Peak the camera through when you’re ready to shoot. Now you’ll have
the much smaller reflection of just the lens, not the whole camera.
This is what some professionals do.

Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
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In the past I have used a telephoto lens and close-up bellows. With
the= camera six feet away the reflections are much smaller. Although
I never= tried it, close up extension tubes should also work.

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