Prevent bubbles in mold

I created an impression of an item in some putty, and then have
proceeded to pour some melted pink injection wax on it to create a
wax model. However, sometimes I get air bubbles that form near the
impression. Any ideas around this or a better wax more suited for
this process?

Hi Jeanie,

I have used a coffee cup warmer to keep my mold warm so the wax
doesn’t set up too fast. Then as I brush the wax into the mold with
an artist’s brush it elevates most bubbles. I use silicon putty for
my mold making material.

Just a thought,
Ken Moore

Use a brush with fine hairs to paint the inside of the mold with
melted pink wax prior to pouring in the remaining wax.

Mike DeBurgh, GJG
Alliance, OH