Prest-o-Lite with propane or MAPP

Hello all,

I have a question about torches, I am new to anything but
Bernz-O-Matic torches. I was wondering if a Prest-o-Lite torch could
be used with other gases like propane and MAPP by either using a
regulator (propane) or a pre-set regulator for disposable tanks
(propane, MAPP), like the one from Rio.

I live in rental property and I am not sure if my landlord is going
to go for me having an acetylene tank on his property, I am one of
those people who has to tell the truth, so I will blurt out how
acetylene is considered an unstable gas and I know I will blow it (no
pun intended). Plus my current shop setup is a shared space and I
don’t feel comfortable having such an unstable gas around a shared
space. If I were using a propane setup this would be no more
dangerous than a barbecue so I don’t think there will be as much
problem there.

I understand that torch tips are also an issue when using a propane
tip with acetylene but is this an issue when using an acetylene tip
with propane or MAPP?

One last question, is propane/air or MAPP/air hot enough to cast
silver? I assume steel is out of the question! I plan to do sand
casting, so I can make both jewelry and small tools, so even the
amount of steel will be small.

Thanks you