Prest-O-Lite Torch

I need to get a new torch but for the time being I’m still using my
Prest-O-Lite. I went to my local welding supplier to purchase the
discs to replace the ones in the tips I have and was told he could no
longer get the parts. I also need to replace the O ring in the handle
as acetylene seems to be leaking out of that part of the torch. Does
anyone have a supplier for the discs inside the tips? If anyone has
replaced the O ring (I think that’s what it is) in the handle, how did
you do it and what size O ring did you use? The welding supply can
send the handle out to be “reconditioned” but the price for the
service is over half the price for a new handle, tip, wrench, striker
and regulator! Linda M

I had the same problem with my Smith setup. Two clogged nozzles
would cost more to repair than to replace with new tips. I also have
a broken O-ring and got the name of a couple places to replace the
o-rings directly from the Smith website. They were most helpful.
Maybe try contacting Prest-O-Lite directly? The welding companies all
markup their products quite aggressively.

Karen Christians
10 Walnut St.
Woburn, MA 01801

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The Presto-Lite torch was originally made by Union Carbide with the
brand name of Linde. I think that today’s predecessor is Praxair.
Find a Praxair welding supply house and check with them for your
Presto-Lite torch parts. For O-rings I’ve found that companies
specializing in Hydraulics generally have a large selection of

Good Luck.

 For O-rings I've found that companies specializing in Hydraulics
generally have a large selection of  O-rings.

Many well stocked hardware stores also stock an assortment of various
sized O-rings.


Linda…I have been confronted with exactly this situation
altho I think I was looking for the filter replacement. When I
realized that the distributor wasn’t interested in helping me, I
phoned Prest-o-lite directly. I got a very sympathetic person on the
phone who explained that the company was not set up to sell only ONE
filter to me and why don’t I go back to the distributor and insist
that he help me ? I had already done that to no avail, but I took his
advice and refused to take NO for an answer from this very nice
Pretolite person. Voila !! It worked because he gave up and told me
that he really couldn’t sell to me BUT he had a new torch tip in his
desk and would send it to me at no charge…not even postage. So I
guess that the message is GET STUBBORN !!! I’d love to know how you
make out.


I wasn’t aware of O-rings on the Prestolite torch. The connection of
the tips to the body is brass to brass. The Smith torch, on the other
hand, does have rubber O-rings to effect a seal of the tip to the
handle. Where are the rings on the Prestolite set up? J. Dule