Prest o Lite tip clogging

I’ve been using an acetylene/air torch with various tips but
recently the first #1A tip clogged up and various attempts to get it
unclogged were unsuccessful. I gave in and bought another one and
inside of no more than five usesnow the recent one is clogged. All
of the other tips work just fine.

Any experience/suggestions out there in Orchid Land?

John Wirth
Keep Calm and Hammer On…

Toss your torch tips in the ultrasonic cleaner and let it clean for
a few hours. You may have to change the ultrasonic solution a few
times forthe water will be black the first time. Acetylene, being a
sooty gas, tends to build up inside the torch tips and they get
clogged. The really small ones and large ones are prone to clogging
more often.

If you don’t have an ultrasonic cleaner, soak the torch tips in a
jar full of acetone. You’ll be surprised at how much black gunk is
on the bottom after tips soak overnight.

Works every time. I do that every so often.


Yup–What Joy said. I took a class from her and mentioned a clogged
tip I had at home (thought it was somehow terminally bad) and she
told me to bring it to class the next week. She tossed it into the
school’s ultrasonic and it cleaned out like a charm; no more black
soot. I never knew you could do that. Good to know–thanks Joy!


Thanks for the acetone tip, I’m ultrasonic cleaner-less.

Keep Calm and Hammer On…