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Prest-o-lite or smiths silversmith


I am new to the forums and jewelry making. I was instructed to get an
acetylene B tank which is manageable.

I know I need to get some sort of kit to start up. I have been
researching the options but am wondering what are other’s experience
and opinions.

I’m guessing if I get one of the kits that is all I will need, as
regulators, hose, and tips are provided.

Thanks ahead of time!

I have two acetylene B tanks On has a prestolite torch and the other
a Smith silversmith torch. Each has its advantages. It is easier to
change the tips on the silversmith, but I find the handle of the
prestolite is kinder to my hand, and easier to use. The silversmith
torch handle is round, more slippery and I find it harder to hold.


The silversmith torch handle is round, more slippery and I find it
harder to hold. 

This may just be a quirk of mine but lately I’ve been holding the
Silversmith torch with the adjustment knob in about the center of my
palm, which gives a very good grip on the torch. By holding around
the knob the torch can’t rotate in my hand. I can keep a loose grip,
and my hand is very relaxed.

In addition, I can smother the air intake by closing my fingers
around the base of the ‘tip’, making the flame more reducing and
softer. I can exercise a lot of control over the flame this way, very
easily and quickly.

Neil A.

I have two torches, both with Smith heads. It is easy to adjust them
or change heads. Not so (in my experience) the Prestolite. When I
teach left-handers, it’s easy to accomodate them.

I have damaged joints in my hands, so it’s very difficult for me to
adjust the head on the Prestolite so it’s on tight and pointing the
way I want, and the gas knob is not in my way.

Disclaimer - the Smith torches I use are my own, used only by me.
The Prestolite torches I have used are ‘common use’ in classes and
get fiddled with by jewelers of all skill levels…they get some hard

best regards,