Pressing base metals onto silver


I am working on a project that will eventually require production
work to be done. Basically I need stamping, or pressing, onto
silver, and/or other base metal blanks, for pendants. I have not had
the opportunity to do this type of work before and I have no idea
where to start as far as a source for doing this work for me. Any
suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Tom McLaughlin

what exactly are you stamping - something into -like a design, or
onto - thermo-setting ink, a film for etching or some other material
you want bonded to silver- its unclear what you are trying to
accomplish ???is it that you want to find a jobber or can you work
with a hand press to punch out ____ that will be connected to a
bail??Do you have an arbor press, a bottle jack, or other tool that
can be modified to make a die and anvil set up for mass production
or do you want to send some metal and a die to a jobber who would
then stamp whatever it is for you? and where are you,US,UK or
other??? By the way if they are small blanks that you want produced,
or a pattern or design stamped (recessed) into the metal a hand
operated arbor press may work fineā€¦