Press for sale

Hello Everybody! I accidentally deleted a bunch of emails I received
about the press I wanted to sell. Below is some about
the press. If you are interested please email me again off list if I
did not contact you yet.

Sorry for my butter fingers! @dede_sullivan_hugo_b

If you have the new rio catalog go to page 229 and you will see my
press. Its a boony doon 20-TON - non electric. My press is the
standard package (group A) I think I have less then 8 urethane pads-
but I will check- I had to pay for them seperately when I got the
press. My press also comes with the following goodies:the bending
brake, two ROUND FORMING boxes- and I believe I have some other
things laying around- I have to look. The press and the tools are not
pretty- in the catalog they make everything look shiny and new. The
press looked a little worn as well as all the tools when I got them.
My price is $625 for everything - you pack it and take it away
(shipping is NOT included - the item is HEAVY!!). Let me know what
you think. I barely used the press at all. I like working in wax
better. I live in NYC

Take care,