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Preset regulators for disposable gas cylinders


I have a Meco Midget torch usually set up with regulators for full
sized oxygen/propane cylinders. I am wondering if I would also be
able to use the Smith preset regulators for disposable gas cylinders
with my torch?


Those disposable propane cylinders can also be easily refilled from
your 5 ga. propane tank, as well. We never throw away those 1 lb.
propane cylinders, we just refill them, over and over.


I replaced my large propane cyclinder with a two stage regulator and
large O2 cylinder, also with a two stage regulator, with a preset
propane regulator and an O2 concentrator and it works fine. Rob

Rob Meixner

I have been using a preset regulator that I got from Rio Grande for
my Meco Torch for quite a few years with no problems.

M Chapman

I have seen postings of how to do this but would be interested in a
more step by step description and any comments on safety issues. I
think that it involves a special fitting and a way to turn the large
tank upside down and support it. Thanks. Rob

Rob Meixner

Jay - Probably a dim question, but how do you fill those disposable
tanks from the bigger one? I have to use the disposables, but HATE
the thought of filling the landfill with large chunks of metal.

Refilling them sounds like the answer to a maiden’s prayer - well,
almost :wink:


I’m with Janet, I’d love to know the same. Not only for the above
reason, but for (assumed) cost savings.


So - how does one re-fill disposable propane tanks from a larger


There are commercial adapters available, that essentially are tank
fittings on both ends.

Try Cabella’s or other sporting good stores.

The instructions tell you to put the empty tank in the freezer which
will let you get more propane in it, but if you have a vacuum pump
you can make better system with a “T” and valves.

This takes some common sense and care but, works quite well.

An even better system can be built if you have access to a liquid
propane tank (one which take it’s output from the bottom of the
tank), but that can over fill tanks!

M Chapman

Continue from:

You will need to get a fill adapter for your large propane bottle.
Attach that, invert the bottle, attach the disposable cylinder, open
the bottle valve, let it fill, shut off the valve, remove the
disposable cylinder (now filled), use it.

There’s some minor detail missing, I suggest using Google to find a
YouTube video on the process and watching that before attempting.

Jeff Moore
Bend, Oregon