Preserving dry leaf

A man called me today with a question that I could not answer so I
am passing it on to you. If anyone has any idea at all please let me
know and I will pass it on to him.

In the mid 80’s this man began an art career. The first project he
did was with a leaf found on the ground. Evidently to him it looked
like the hull of a ship so he used it as such mounted a sail for it
and put it on Styrofoam and made the foam look like an ocean. I have
not seen this item but he says it has been in an acrylic box ever
since and now he wants to know how to preserve the leaf. Obviously
the leaf is extremely fragile and placing anything on it would
probably destroy it. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks I thought I
would give you a brain turner.


…put the leaf on a sheet of acetate first that has been waxed (
waxed paper won’t work )spray with a coat of shellac then turn after
that side dries and spray the other side. The acetate can be flexed
if necessary to remove the leaf if it happens to stick, the wax
should prevent it…it will not fall apart as long as a beeswax
coating is on the acetate…rer