Preparing fot takeoff

Hi, all!

I haven’t been soldering yet. Right now I’ve been re-modelling my
shed to meet the additional requirements of soldering, not to mention
getting a whole bunch of loose stuff out from under foot and onto the
walls where I can actually see them and use them.

I want to be ready for making those Christmas presents!

From advice on the Coffee and Pickles thread I am going to make a
separate hand-sized door under one of my windows with rubber magnetic
latches, and I will place the crock pot of pickle on an outdoor shelf
just under the window.

Some nice person on Ganoksin sent me a sprayer for the Pripp’s, and
new brushes, for a Foredom CC which someone else on Ganoksin had
donated two years ago.

Thank you !! I have paste flux from long since, no problem there.

Is there anyone out there with a spare used Foredom chuck keye I’m
willing to mail a few dollar bills to someone’s address and maybe
that someone can drop it in a hand-sorted first-class lettere Please
contact me off-line if you are game.

It would be ridiculous in the extreme for me to order a chuck key for
a few bucks and have to pay $15 for Unreliable Parcel Service :slight_smile:

No biggie, I’m used to my Dremel anyway, but I want to show my
appreciation for everything everyone had sent by deploying it all to
the maximum extent possible.

I am going to try that ring exercise. But I really DON’T want to
trip over anything in the dark while I’m doing so. So, as I said, I’m
doing the walk-around and then will prepare for takeoff.

Andrew Jonathan Fine