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Pregnant gold solution

G’day; I find that I should apologise for my somewhat derisive
remarks on this subject which arose recently.

This is the URL to which a subsequent comment from Randall Brooks
suggested we look at:-

I quote the relevant portion:- …“Cyanide leaching involves spraying
a sodium cyanide solution (at 250 to 500 parts per million) on finely
ground ore or on old waste rock, known as tailings. The gold forms a
water-soluble chemical compound with the cyanide called a �pregnant
solution� which is then run over activated carbon to extract the

So now I know how ‘to put gold in the family way’ B-[ It would seem
to me that the term ‘pregnant solution’ is one coined by the mining
folk, and seldom used outside the circle of gold recovery people. –
Cheers now,

John Burgess; @John_Burgess2 of Mapua Nelson NZ