Predicting weight of 3d pieces

Does anyone know of a procedure or formula to compute theweight of
aa piece that will be 3D printed in a specific metal? I am going to
use a STL. file and cast in steel. Do I multiply the specific
gravity of the metal by the volume Of design? It is a complex design
with many curves so i do not know how to calculate its volume
either. I am not a cad-user; I made file using the website Tinkercad
so please keep that in mind when you answer. Mary

Probably getting in touch with the printer you’re planning on using
would be your best bet. I expect Shapeways and other high volume
printers have formulas for this.

Elliot Nesterman

Hi Mary, Normally the cad software will have a tool to calculate the
metal weight? If not, I have only had pieces cast in stainless steel
a couple of times. But I seem to remember it was more of a flask
charge than a charge by material weight? If you know the dimensions
of the object I think you will probably be able to get a quote on the
cost that way. I would suggest you call the good folks at Techform
Casting and ask them. Techform Advanced Casting Technology, 5558-D SE
International Way Portland, Oregon 97222, 503-652-5224.