Precious Metals Marking Act

        Canadian law requires that goods made of precious metals
conform to the Precious Metals Marking Act.  I can provide
to aid people in complying. 

Diana: Can you tell us whether there is a pamphlet, brochure or other
source of you could make known to us which sets forth the
Marking Act. If so, where can we obtain it? That would be helpful
for all list members who wish to market in Canada.

AJM Magazine printed a chart outlining the precious metal marking
requirements of Canada, the U.S.federal government, and several states
with marking laws in the May 1998 issue. Perhaps you would find that
helpful? If so, drop an e-mail to Rich Youmans at, or call MJSA (AJM’s publisher) at 800-444-6572
and ask if they can send you a copy.

Suzanne Wade

I apologize for not posting this before, but I hope I figured out how
to do it?!?!

For on Canadian Precious Metals Marking requirements,
can be obtained from the Canadian Government -Competition
Bureau website - Various information
pamphlets may be found under Business - Misleading
advertising and labelling guidelines - Precious Metals. The basic
is contained in “What every jewellery dealer needs to know
about the Precious Metals Marking Act and Regulations”. a sample:
Precious Metals

It is impossible to know the quality of a precious metal by looking at
it, so consumers need some way of getting accurate about
the quality of jewellery and other precious metal goods made of gold,
silver, platinum and palladium. Therefore, since 1908, the Government
of Canada has set standards and inspected precious metal goods under
the authority of the Precious Metals Marking Act and Regulations. This
helps protect consumers and maintain marketplace confidence in the
quality of precious metals.

Quality Marks

Information about the precious metals contained in an article normally
appears in the form of a quality mark. In Canada the mark is not
compulsory. Where it does appear, however, a trade-mark registered in
Canada, or a recognized government mark, must be applied with it.

There are several different quality marks that can be used, depending
on the kind and amount of precious metal in an article.